Introducing Hydra, a GraphQL query node for substrate chains

Bird-eye overview

Hydra has two principal components: Hydra Indexer and Hydra Processor. Hydra Indexer ingests raw data from a substrate chain. Hydra Processor is responsible for transforming the raw data into domain-level entities as defined in schema.graphl and the event handlers, both provided by the user. hydra-cli provides additional scaffolding and codegen tooling for running and developing a Hydra Processor tailored for the provided schema file.
Hydra Indexer (top) and Hydra Processor (bottom) data flows

What's next?

    Explore live Hydra Indexer playground and query Kusama events and extrinsics
    Install Hydra toolkit
    Hydra tutorial: spin a query node in under five minutes
    Look at the examples
    Learn how to define your own data schema and mappings to run a Hydra Indexer
Last modified 5mo ago