Install Hydra


  • Unix-based operating system (Mac or Linux), you may experience issues on Windows.
  • Node 14.x (to be compatible with the latest polkadot-api )
  • Both Hydra-CLI and the generated project files have dependencies that require Node v10.16 or higher
  • npm and (optional, but recommended) npx
  • Hydra stores the substrate data in an external PostgresSQL 12 instance. The scaffolding tool provides a convenient shortcut for running the database instance from a Docker image. In this case the standard docker environment (docker and docker-compose) should be available.
  • (Optional) Docker engine. The scaffolding tool provides targets for building Docker images for external deployment.


Use @dzlzv/[email protected] for the most recent development version
Global installation:
npm install -g @dzlzv/hydra-cli
The path to hydra-cli binaries will be added to the system-wide $PATH.
Local installation:
npm install @dzlzv/hydra-cli
The binaries will be installed to the local .bin folder. You can execute hydra-cli commands by adding the.binfolder within your local node_modules to $PATH.
Isolated set-up:
Execute hydra-cli commands directly by typing
npx @dzlzv/hydra-cli <command>
This provides an isolated way to execute hydra-cli commands.
Run hydra-cli --version to check your installation
It may be convenient to create an alias for quick access to hydra-cli e.g.
alias hydra-cli='npx @dzlzv/hydra-cli'
Or on Windows you can use:
doskey hydra-cli=npx @dzlzv/hydra-cli